John McCain Throws Obama Under The Bus With Passage About Benghazi In New Book

L.E. | These days when John McCain is not sending out invitations to his funeral he is sending out whatever the opposite of an invitation is.  First he told President Trump that he is not welcome at his funeral … who does that?  Next he said that he wants Obama to deliver his eulogy. It seems he has decided to use his final time in this realm to show America who he is in his heart.

In Senator McCain’s new book he mentions Benghazi and what he wrote is raising some eyebrows.

 Conservative Tribune Reports: Fox News reported on Monday that in one section of the book he hit back at the Obama administration for “bureaucratic incompetence” and “a– covering” in its response to the Sept. 11, 2012, Benghazi attacks.

In a chapter on the “Arab Spring,” McCain talks about his experiences visiting Libya. During the chapter, he praised U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, arguing that the fallen envoy was “a talented diplomat, and an exceptional human being.”

“He believed in what he was doing, supporting the Libyan people’s rights to freedom and justice, and helping them build an open society, and he was effective,” McCain wrote. “I miss him very much.”

McCain said that he “wasn’t angry with the administration” over the attack at first, even though it “terribly saddened” him.

That would quickly change.

“I started to get angry when it appeared administration officials were knowingly misleading us about the attack, attributing it to a video that some idiot had made mocking Islam that incited a spontaneous mob that turned violent,” he wrote.

“It took more than a week for the White House to acknowledge it had been a planned terrorist attack. The uproar that ensued became a lasting political controversy that’s still debated.”

McCain concluded that the administration’s response was either “willful ignorance or abysmal intelligence” and “a massive cover-up or incompetence.”

“In the end, all it established is what could have been presumed at the beginning, bureaucratic incompetence and a– covering, two common conditions in Washington,” McCain wrote. “Anger subsides, politics moves on, but sadness remains. Chris Stevens deserved better from all of us.”

It’s worth noting that if there’s a whole lot of lasting anger over Benghazi, it certainly isn’t in evidence either in the book or McCain’s real life.”

You can read more about McCain and his book at Conservative Tribune

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